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Who We Are & What We Do…..

Cole County Residential Services, Inc. (CCRSI) is a county-based agency formed to provide services and funds to help persons with developmental disabilities. CCRSI was established by Cole County Special Services (CCSS), a nine-member board of directors which administers funds gained from a county mil tax on property. CCSS Board Members are appointed to their volunteer positions by the Cole County Commissioners.

CCRSI began operations by providing residential support. The agency has grown through continued support of county taxpayers and by matching local funds with state and federal funds. To learn more about our residential services, click on Our Services above.


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The Missouri Mental Health Foundations, in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, is sponsoring the 2020 Director’s Creativity Showcase. The showcase helps to acquaint the general public with the talents of the people it serves. These are individuals receiving services through the Missouri Department of Mental Health provider network living with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorders. The artwork created is not only for the Showcase, but is sometimes used as a means of therapy. This therapy provides an outlet for the artist to express his or her feelings – feelings they may not be able to verbally communicate. The art show also has encouraged people to try something they may previously have never considered possible, only to find they have a true creative talent.

Please see the Guidelines, Entry Form, Release Form, Timeline of Activities and the Artwork Collection Sites for the 2020 Director’s Creativity Showcase. You can also find these documents on the Missouri Mental Health Foundation’s website at