Effective immediately, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, our Administrative Office is now on lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic information is changing hourly, and like you, we have no reference point to fall back on. As you know, this is a very fluid situation and we are trying to stay informed on how to protect clients, staff and their families. We will continue to monitor the news and listen to the experts. Whenever possible, we will implement their recommendations. We will need to make sure, as best we can, that everyone is operating under the same assumptions. All staff needing to meet with someone in the Administrative building, should call to confirm that staff person’s availability. They will notify front office staff that you have an appointment.

All staff entering our facilities will have their temperature taken and recorded daily.

Who We Are & What We Do…..

Cole County Residential Services, Inc. (CCRSI) is a county-based agency formed to provide services and funds to help persons with developmental disabilities. CCRSI was established by Cole County Special Services (CCSS), a nine-member board of directors which administers funds gained from a county mil tax on property. CCSS Board Members are appointed to their volunteer positions by the Cole County Commissioners.

CCRSI began operations by providing residential support. The agency has grown through continued support of county taxpayers and by matching local funds with state and federal funds. To learn more about our residential services, click on Our Services above.