Cole County Respite

What is Respite?

Cole County Respite is a facility-based program offering temporary oversight for individuals with developmental disabilities who live with their caregivers. Respite staff is there to ensure and provide for the safety, well-being, and daily living needs of the individuals requiring a safe place to stay.  The purpose of respite care is to provide temporary relief to the customary caregiver.  Respite through Cole County Special Services is for someone that receives their primary services and funding through the Department of Mental Health (DMH). Cole County Respite serves Cole County residents age 13 and older who have developmental disabilities.

What happens when I decide to use Respite?

  • Call (573)-552-9419 and let Respite staff know that you need to schedule a respite stay for your family member.
  • Talk to the Director of Community Services.
  • Make an appointment to visit and tour the facility with the Director of Community Services.
  • Complete a Cole County Respite information packet provided by the Director of Community Services.
  • Get an annual TB test.
  • Scheduling is first come-first serve with a minimum two-week notice.
  • Exceptions may be made for emergencies and approved by the Executive Director and/or their representative.

What do I bring to Respite?

  • Completed admission form (or complete the form at the facility upon arrival).
  • Enough medicine to last the entire respite stay. Medications must be in the original containers with correct pharmacy labels.
  • Enough clothing and personal supplies for the scheduled stay.
  • Enough money for planned activities. e.g., shopping, dining out, movies etc. subject to availability.